Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Saya anak Malaysiaaaaa
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bye bye lil keane

I wanted to keep lil keane. In case if there was any emergency like my torch needs to be repaired, I could use lil keane temporarily. But then...I had to sell it off.

I sold it for rm220, cheap but when I sent it to a shop, the guy said the phone's value dropped.

Because I might not see lil keane ever again, I took a picture of it. Lots of pictures actually.

Lil keane will always be remembered.
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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Phone addict

How addicted are you to your phone?

I know I am. Ask my friends, all would gladly imitate me typing away on phone, smiling and giggling to myself. (-.-') I've been trying my best to give my phone a rest. Especially when I'm with a group of people, phone will have to sit quietly in my bag or jean pocket. :) it is rude when you stop someone in the middle of the conversation to reply a message or make a phone call. Though I still tend to do it every now and then, but only if its really important.

Bb and iphone users have problems letting their phone go. I know a lot who has that problem. And I know that they know they have that problem. We just have to step out from that denial stage and admit that we have a problem.

To overcome this mad sickness, I would leave my phone in my room while I watch tv downstairs. Or put my phone on silent mode while I do my work. Little things. I remember back then when I had my first bb, I wasn't really into it and left it everywhere. Seriously, in the fridge, car, friend's house and...just about anywhere! Now, its hard to let go. :(

Slowly...I'm letting it go. I soon will get out from this sickness and will be able to survive without it. Yeah!
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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pain in the ASSignment

Had two girlfriends over yesterday to get some work done. My room was a mess of 3 laptops, junk food, drinks and dvds.

By the end of the night we went a bit crazy, laughing all the way. It was fun.

Since we were all there together on Friday night. We proceeded with a 'Girls Night Out' :D yaaaay

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Minyak naik harga yo

The day started off fine...

Ok bullshit!

It started with me waking up late, neck aching and a headache.

So I stopped by college, did the things I had to do and then went to Midvalley. Just as I parked my car, it died on me. Two things ran to mine, battery or petrol. It was the latter. Called a gf to help and thank God she was nice enough to help.

She picked me up and we went to the nearest petrol station. Gf pointed out that we needed empty plastic bottles. We parked the car at Petronas, Brickfields and I told the lady behind the cash register that I needed to buy petrol. She then told me to buy a bottle and walaa they actually provided bottles for petrol. The lady was nice enough to help me by filling it up for me.

The funny part was gf and I trying to fill petrol for my car. We felt a bit bimbo-ish went a bit of petrol dripped onto our hands. Haha.

Never again am I gonna drive out with no fuel. It was a hassle and time wasting.
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Sunday, October 31, 2010


After a fun filled weekend and 8 hours under the sun on Friday, my whole body aches. Its not that I'm tired but its a reaction I get from baking myself under the sun. Weather has been....unpredictable too. Pffft... Malaysia weather aint cool.

So before I start another week of more craziness, thought I should give my body a lil' pampering. No harm in doing so. ;) had a good shower, rubbed some aloe vera cooling gel on my sunburn and I have my face mask on.

I don't spend hundreds on face mask. I always buy the face mask from Watson. Its cheap, cost about RM5.90. Since I've been baking myself under the sun, skin is dehydrated and dry :( boo! So I plastered on the water mask. Says it provides intensive moisturization and mineral support on your dry skin.

I don't know if these masks work, but I love the idea of pampering myself. Its fun! And relaxing too. God knows how much I need the relaxation.
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8 hours journey

somewhere on Thursday, a friend called me to tell me bout this sweet Celcom deal. They were selling BB Torch for a very good prive.RM308 for the first ten people to line up snd RM788 for the first hundred. All started at 3pm.

Friday morning, friend told me to line up earlier. I got ready, got my steppapi to drop me off at Pavi,KL. I was the 65th in line. Imagine my horror when I found out I had to stand under the hot sun. But I did.

For EIGHT hours! Imagine that. Around 6.30 pm, after going through so many counters, they placed my new baby in my arms. Ecewah. The eight hours of complaining went out the window. But it was a good experience.

I met different types of people, joked around with new made friends....and I actually had a good time. Some said it was not worth it, but hey, it is to me. Not only did I get a phone rm2k cheaper but I realize that if I do want something, I'm determined to get it :)

Oh..I got sunburn too
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